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Our Projects

We’ve put together galleries with samples of some of our different projects for you browse! We’re proud of our work and happy to show it off.  If you have any questions about what you see, please feel free to contact us via call or email.  

Bellevue | Custom Kitchen Remodel

We did a complete kitchen remodel from a straight-layout to an open modern style kitchen, keeping a vintage flare.

Began by removal of popcorn-ceilings, gutting out all the walls, and installed a load-bearing wall beam across.

Once all the mechanical, plumbing and electrical rough-ins were approved by the city we continued to insulate the entire area by using Spray Polyurethane Foam. (SPF)*

Once we sealed all walls and ceilings, we applied a Level 5 skim-coat and we began with the aesthetics of the kitchen area by installing new cabinets, hardwood flooring (cherry-oak color), butcher counter-tops and appliances. Finishing with the backsplash, electrical and plumbing trim-outs.

Bellevue | Second Floor/Loft Remodel

Our biggest objective for this project was to allow more light to flow through the loft area. We had to remove the half-wall handrails. Prior to installing the new wood handrailing, we had to stain the handrails to match the downstairs cherry oak color, the newels, balusters, and stringers to match the white ceilings color

Bellevue | Staircase Custom Build

Used the same concept of wood handrails from the loft project and applied it to the staircase handrails from the loft to the first floor.

Also matched the hardwood flooring throughout the stairs.

Capitol Hill – Seattle | Cabinet Refinishing & Interior Painting

We were getting this home ready to put it up on the market by doing a complete interior painting, and some minor make-ready projects. During the project we noticed that the cabinets were in not so good shape aesthetically so we decided to talk the owners into refinishing this as well. It gives a much better look and appeal to the kitchen, especially with the refinished countertop and plumbing trim-out.

Redmond | Exterior Paint

It is amazing what paint and very little exterior work can do to the look of the front of your home, also the increase in value of the property!

New windows were installed prior to start of the project. We installed new window sidings and stained them, replaced all gutters, downspouts, and replaced all damaged sidings around the house. Two posts in front of the main door were sanded, stained and clear coated to natural wood color. Finalized the project with applying two coats of paint on all sidings and trims.

Seattle | Entry Staircase

Description: One of our long-term customers wanted to replace all the rotten wood on their front porch, but once we cleared out all the rotten wood exposed, we noticed that some stringers were also in extremely bad shape.

We had to replace the structure of the staircase, before replacing the threads and risers.


Redmond Ridge | Exterior Paint

These customers of ours wanted to try something different by applying two colors to their exterior house. At first, we were a bit skeptical because we never really done anything like this, but once the final product was done, it was a 100% YES!


Bellevue | Custom Fireplace Remodel

Our friends at Fireside Home Solutions installed this custom-built fireplace hearth, mantel and legs and we gave it the final touches with the over-mantel rustic wood.

Redmond | Vertical Siding

Small details can go a long way. Sanded and stained these vertical sidings before installing, and then added some paint throughout the house.



Beacon Hill | Bath Remodel

Another client of ours recent acquisition with plans to complete an entire interior remodel for their investment property.

We began by demo the entire old kitchen and bathroom, upgraded all plumbing, electrical and hood vent rough-ins.

One of our Window Company vendors replaced old single-pane with double-pane windows around the house. Followed by spray painting the entire house, installed all new cabinetry, appliances, countertops, backsplash and hardwood engineered flooring throughout the house.

In the bathroom, we gutted all the walls and floors, reinstalled new subfloors and added waterproof walls before installing tiles for the surround shower, and bathroom flooring. Followed by upgrading all plumbing rough-ins, installing new medicine cabinet, sink, toilet and tub. Finalized by completing all plumbing and electrical trim-outs

All of the work with the exception of window installation was done IN-HOUSE.

Bellevue | Fireplace Custom Build

While a Bellevue apartment complex were starting a renovation of their main office space, they called us to build them a custom fireplace from floor to ceiling.
We exchanged ideas from various samples using Pinterest, and finalized with this white-stone modern fireplace style. The result speaks volume.


From Laundry Room To Mudroom

We were able to add roughly 25s.f. of space in this laundry room area by deleting wasted space from the garage. Turned this into a mudroom by connecting the garage to the kitchen area. Followed by installing a custom design floor tiles, cabinetry and raw wood shiplap on the top half of the walls.

Bellevue | Master Bath Remodel

I wish I had taken photos from before the demolition of this upstairs room. Originally this bathroom used to be roughly 45s.f. and after demo and restructuring all frames around we got this final product.