Top 5 Reasons to Live in Redmond, WA

As one of the best places to live in Washington, the city of Redmond is highly sought-after by people moving into the area. The population has continued to steadily grow over the past several years, with no end in sight. Whether you’re looking for a place to move by yourself or you want to settle down with your family, you may find this city to be the perfect fit. Here’s why:

#1. Great Location for Tech Professionals

There is an abundance of jobs in the technology industry available both in and right on the outskirts of Redmond. Those who want to put their computer skills to use will find this is the perfect area land a great job. Many tech giants are based out of the city, including both Microsoft and Nintendo of America. With a low unemployment rate, it’s relatively easy to find a high-paying job with plenty of benefits in town. Other jobs are only a short commute away. The public transportation system is excellent, making it easy for commuters to get to and from work without needing to own a car.

#2. The Population is Very Diverse

Since the area has grown tremendously over the years, it should be no surprise that Redmond boasts a highly diverse population. Many different ethnicities and races are represented in the area. This brings a lot of culture into the area. Even though the city is getting larger, it still has a small-town mentality. This means you’ll get to know your neighbors on a personal level, while also learning about different cultures. Everyone in town is helpful, friendly, and the crime rate is very low.

#3. Outdoor Activities are Plentiful

The weather in Redmond is pleasant throughout the year. It’s no wonder why residents prefer to spend so much of their free time outdoors. In the city, you’ll find plenty of parks to enjoy. The 20 public parks also host a variety of events, including Market Saturday and the Redmond Arts Festival. Sports leagues are popular with adults and children. There’s even a public rock-climbing wall in town. If you want to relax, be sure to take a stroll on one of the many nature trails, including Ashford Trail and Bridle Crest Trail.

#4. The Arts are Very Important

Even though the city is known for technology, residents also appreciate the arts. Downtown Redmond features a public art walking tour. Be sure to check out their permanent outdoor art installations. The Washington Wind Symphony and Eastside Symphony also perform in the city. Live theatre is also prevalent. Second Story Repertory puts on great family-friendly shows throughout the year. Many movies have also been filmed in town, including From Dusk Till Dawn.

#5. It’s a Bicycle Friendly Community

Those who prefer to get around on two wheels will find plenty of places to ride in Redmond. On any given day, you’re sure to see plenty of residents peddling around downtown or on one of the many trails. The city is dedicated to making bicycling accessible to all. You’ll find bike lanes on all the major streets. There are even off-street trails. Each year, bicyclists from all over participate in the Derby Days Bicycle Criterium. This epic event is the oldest bike race in the country, and it’s one of the many reasons why the city has been given the nickname Bicycle Capital of the Northwest.

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